Ever walked by the cashier register and had flashy, bright fonts catch your attention? “TIPS AND TRICKS TO LOSING TEN POUNDS!” Or, “LOSE THE BELLY FLAB IN NO TIME!”

And sure, we’ve all picked these up and read about these so called “tips to lose weight”.  Some of us even followed  this advice. And you know what? That’s fine! If you are slightly overweight and wanna trim down a bit, a little help doesn’t hurt. But what really caught my eye is that some of the material in these magazines actually seems to encourage disordered eating. Now, now. It doesn’t say something like “Stop eating and become anorexic!” but it does hold some questionable content.  Anorexia is a very serious mental issue, and anorexics will ALWAYS take food related information and carry it out in a distorted way. For example, a “harmless” tip such as “Instead of pasta, cook with squash” can leave someone with an eating disorder thinking “oh no, I can’t eat pasta – pasta will make me fat. The reason people in this magazine are so thin are because they don’t eat pasta. I’m not going to eat pasta anymore”.  Even if this suggestion shares ways of eating lighter when you’ve had a mostly heavy day, or encourages incorporating more healthy vegetables into your diet, an anorexic won’t see it that way. They’ll simply see it is “pasta will make me fat” – as well as any other food.

And all of the super thin photoshopped images aren’t helping either. Super thin, flawless skin. Okay, NO ONE  looks like that. There’s a difference between computer generated images and reality. Ya know?

My point? Propaganda isn’t helping anyone. Encouraging young women to deprive themselves and stick to “get thin” diets. Yeah, no. That’s not gonna work. I think these magazines should have some entrees on how DANGEROUS eating disorders are, instead of a ploy to get people to convert to “diet world”.

Well, that’s pretty much it. Tell me what you think!



After the whole “happy Fathers Day” stuff, I hung out with my bestie, Elizabeth. Yes, my best friend and I have the same name and we’re both…um, how can I put this…strange. We act like lunatics sometimes and have the craziest, twisted inside jokes only we can understand. Oh, and she likes butter, too. Coincidence? I think not. 😉

Someone's a model.


Any whoville, after a good three hours chillin’, we decided it was time for a 2:00 brunch at Coco’s Bakery. ABOUT TIME! I was starving from only having coffee all day.I started out with an unpictured split pea soup with bits of ham. I didn’t like this soup too much. It was okay, but it kinda had that metallic canned soup taste. A little buttered bread from the basket dunked in made it a little betta. 🙂 Now for the main course:


Banana pecan waffle topped with powdered sugar, eggs over easy, and a turkey sausage patty.

 I kid you not, that waffle was the size of my head…maybe even bigger.

Cleaned off the whole plate

 After that delicious breakfast/lunch (brunch), we made some plans to watch Harry Potter this week. Should be some good times. When I got home, I cranked a little Kesha. FORGET YOU HATER – I love Kesha! People call her an attention whore and “the queen of autotune”, but I love how laid back she is and totally into her own thing, and how she doesn’t seem to  care what people say about her. She doesn’t wear a meat costume to the Oscars either, like someone else who was “born that way”. After a bit, I figured it was time for this:

Looks gross, but it was good. Promise.

At around 5:00, I dug into the pantry and grabbed a Chocolate Brownie Larabar. It actually teasted like a brownie. Holy shiitaki mushrooms! Usually larabars titled “cookie dough” or “apple pie” just taste like dates compressed with dried fruit and nuts, but this tasted like a fresh baked brownie! So weird. I’m gonna be buying this one again, for sure.
Soon, it was time for some dinner:

Beef cutlets with buckweat and salad drizzled with lite italian dressing.

And this for dessert 🙂

Swedish fish rule the ocean of my stomach.

 I’ve loved Swedish Fish ever since my dad first bought them for me when I was about four. I shall eat these in honor of Fathers Day. 😉
Alright, well I shall dismiss myself to watch some History channel.
Catch you later.
Happy Monday everyone! (anyone reading my blog, that is. It’s a little weird writing these long posts if I’m just talking to myself. hah.)

As most of you know, Sunday was Fathers Day! Happy Fathers Day, Dad. You taught me that if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself. That’s probably one of the most useful sayings I’ve ever heard. Also, thank you, Dad for teaching me to be strong and being there for me. Love yah! Eeeeep. Don’t know what the ‘eep’ was for.


The Cause of the Celebration.


 Fathers Day was on Sunday, which meant I went to Church – what I normally do on Sundays. I go to a non-denominational church called Grace Community Church. Non-denominational basically means they don’t label themselves as Babtist, or Lutheran, or anything like that. It’s a Christian church, and I’ve been going there for almost my entire life. It’s kinda like a second home. Kinda. Another home to me is Disneyland, so….ya know. 🙂

Well, anyways, happy Fathers Day to all the great dads out there, and I’m gonna make a continuation post in just a sec. (WordPress doesn’t let me make a long post if I don’t pay them. Pain in the neck, if you ask me. -____-)



Hello again!

Told y’all I’d be back. Hmmmm…’y’all’…I feel like Miley Cyrus. Is that a good thing? Eh. I don’t really care about what Miley Cyrus does, and I think it’s unfair that she’s being referred to at a “slut” and a “bad example” when she does what many people her age do. Yeah, okay, maybe she does do some questionable things at times [giving some 40 year old dude a lapdance], but still. I feel like she shouldn’t be treated with so much disrespect just because she’s famous. Wutevs, though.

Time for a recap of Saturday!

Woke up wanting some breakfast. Breakfast is vital, and I always eat it.

Honey Bunches of Oats.

 Honey Bunches of Oats with almonds. One of my favorite cereals! Besides Captain Crunch, of course. Followed by this:


Kefir- kind of a cross between milk and yogurt, but with 15 grams of protein. This guy has 3 grams of fiber, too. Not bad! After eating a fairly lame breakfast, I got ready to go to Universal Studios, Hollwood with the Madre! Universal Studios is definitely one of my favorite places to go, even though I’ve been there 95 trillion times. Okay, maybe more than that.However, after getting there, I realized I’d made a pretty dumb mistake – forgetting my camera. That’s a blog girl for you. Oh well, next time I won’t be such an ignod (ignod: someone who’s stupid and forgets things easily). Unfortunately, I’ll have to give you a mostly verbal account of our day. 
We had a lot of fun! We went on Jurrasic Park (screamed our guts out), The Simpsons’ ride, and Universal’s Animal Actors. Cute animals, ftw! After the thrilling experience of seeing movies come alive, we decided we were hungry, and headed over to Citywalk. Time for lunchie munchies. We decided to try Karl Strauss brewing company – it was super trendy-looking. However, I was quite unimpressed by the menu.  There were barely any choices. Trendy, minimalastic restaurant with boring food? Hah, no. I’d take the not-so-classy food truck with mouthwatering eats instead. My mama and I both ordered the Tomato Bisque soup and shared a plate of beer battered calamari. Original? No. Delicious? Actually, it wasn’t that bad! The soup was really creamy and the calamari wasn’t pure breading like most breaded food – thin coating of beer batter and plenty of calamari. My taste buds were impressed! After lunch, we went over to Yogurtland and picked up some cold dessert. I had a mix of mango, pineapple and coconut, topped with cookie dough pieces, mango, kiwi and cheesecake bites. It was delicious. Mama had plain ol’ mango with no toppings because she’s boring like that. It really sucks that I didn’t have my camera…the frozen yogurt was so pretty. 😦  Came home and snacked on some of this: 

Carrots with light dill dip.



Amy's veggie loaf.

 I ran into this last week at Target [Tarjay]. I’m a little hesitant about eating soy based “meat”, but Amy’s is a well-known brand, and very popular amongst bloggers. I thought I’d give it a try.


 Looks like a typical elementary school lunch, no? The pattie actually tasted like cornbread stuffing. Mashed potatoes, peas and corn, stuffing…is there something missing? You bet there is. WHERE’S DA TURKEY AT?!!  This “Thanksgiving” meal was mediocre tasting, and certainly incomplete without Mr. Gobble. I think I’ll try a different Amy’s meal next time. 
I felt my sweet tooth kick in, so I opened the freezer…dessert time.


I think every healthy vegan blogger has heard of VitaTops, and it doesn’t take rocket science to figure out why. These things are packed with vitamins (hence the name) and fiber, and contain no dairy. Plus they’re delcious. They taste like eating a brownie. Can they compare to Grandma’s homemade brownies? Um, no. Are they a tasty, healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth? Hell yes! These things are bomb! However, I find the unadultered VitaTops a bit boring. Tasty, but boring. Kinda like frozen yogurt – you need a little topping!
Betty Crocker’s coconut pecan frosting.


These don’t taste like disgusting, “healthy” diet food.  Just tastes like plain ol’ chocolate cake. 😉
Well, so that pretty much sums up my Saturday. Hope you guys found it readible (not a word, I know).
I’ll take to you guys soon!


Hey everyone!

My name is Butter! Just kidding, it’s Elizabeth. Nice to meet you. I hate cheesy introductions, so I’ll keep it as simple as I can. Simple as butter (bread and butter, to be more precise).

I just started this blog because everyone has one, nowadays. Whether it’s the guy who brags about the food trucks he’s hit up, and posts pictures of short rib burritos and outrageous burgers, or the health-freak-girl who posts pictures of oatmeal with chia seeds and organic peanut butter. You could say I’m in between.

I try not to gorge myself with bacon, cheese and Twix bars everyday, (hey, sometimes it happens. Life’s short – enjoy it) but I’m not consumed by the focus on being uber “healthy” all the time. I dunno – can you really call crappy soy pruducts and sugar free chemicals healthy? That’s what most “healthy-vegan-blog-girls” are all about these days. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not critcizing anyone for being vegan. It’s a perfectly fine lifestyle and can be balanced with nutritious food. But, I do eat meat (Sorry, poor animals. I like fried chicken and steak). I do think it’s horribe the way they treat animals, but the way they portray it in those pro-vegan videos is greatly exaggerated. In my opinion, they are far more concerned with the well-being of animals than the millions of people who suffer everyday – people with a conscience and a soul. So yeah, I eat meat. I don’t eat a big plate of steak for dinner every night, but meat is indeed a part of my life. Sorry kiddos!

 As far as exercise goes, (another big factor of blog world) I do work out. Do I wake up at 5 am every morning and hop on the treadmill? Hell no. However, exercise is definitely an important part in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and I do work out. I get exercise through running (I’m hooked with the whole “runner’s high”), swimming, and just taking long walks to explore life and just evaluate everything – something we all need to do, once in a while.

Butter. (Saved the best for last!) Butter’s amazing and it makes just about everything taste more amazing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some crazy butter freak who sits at home, blogging about health while gorging on sticks of butter. Butter’s a great addition to the food I love. (healthy, not healthy, bleh.) It’s great with eggs, pasta, brownies (hehe), and just like, everything. And yes, I’m talking about butter. Real butter. Not smart balance or that “I can’t believe” crap. That’s not butter, it’s hydrclorasticlysineite xanthoclorum # 4…or some other crazy chemical. I totally made that one up lol. But yeah, I use 100% real, natural butter, churned by the Amish who probably shun fake butter substitutes. Kidding. 😛 I don’t know who churns my butter, and I’m not exactly sure if the Amish shun fake butter.

So yeah, that was my short and simple introduction to you guys. Yeah, no. It was longer than the lines at the Kogi Truck. Okay, maybe not that long.

Well, thanks you guys for dropping bye, and my fabulous adventures shall soon begin! That was corny.

Bye for now!