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Oh hai tharr.

Today was my first day of school. Yayyyyy!!!! Yay? Not. I’m now a junior in high school. It’s funny to see these all these freshmen doing completely silly things and realizing I was one of them not too long ago. The corny jokes, the “I’m trying to look cool” stunts. Been there, done that. (Or dealt with it, for that matter). 😉 But it was great to see my friends again and to finally have something to do, rather than being a couch potato and sleeping late. Okay, I lied. Being a couch potato and sleeping in are pretty much the best things about summer. Well, almost. Hitting up beaches, going camping, and eating ice cream all summer long while gossiping about random crap with friends is priceless. 🙂

Today, however, I shall be talking about………………………VITATOPS!!!

source: http://www.vitalicious.com

I was a little hesitant about trying these because typically, 100 calorie diet products aren’t good. They’re gross-tasting, absolutely crammed with chemicals, they look fake, and taste like something scraped off  the counter of Jenny Craig’s chemical lab. Appetizing much? Yeah, no.

But I’ve heard an exponential amount of endless rants and raves from bloggers. Plus they were on sale at Target, so I figured I’d give them a shot. I said, hit me with your best shot! Fire awayyy. Name the song. 😉

So, after picking up a box of Deep Chocolate Vitatops, I ripped it open to find this:

Horrible camera quality, hello there!

I was expecting a circle-shaped slice of whole wheat bread, colored dark brown, with aspartame and other chemicals…

But this really proved me wrong!  This thing actually almost tastes like a fudge brownie. Scary. It was really good! And the ingredients weren’t too bad either. Some of the ingredients included water, whole wheat flour, organic sugar, egg whites, inulin, chocolate drops, cocoa powder, soy fiber, and dried honey. Not too shabby! I swear, some of the ingredients in these diet foods sound like the chemical formula for Windex. Or heroin.

I actually like to top Vitatops with some of my favorite toppings. Ya know, just to make it more fancy-schmancy. And yummier. 🙂

Coconut pecan frosting

Works well with chocolate frosting, too. 😉

Reddi Whip.

Almond butter.

The small percentage of you health foodies who haven’t tried this should really give it a shot. 😉

QUESTION: Have you ever tried Vitatops before? If so, did you enjoy it? What’s your favorite topping to put on them?



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Hey Guys!

How are you all?! Eating? Laughing? Having an amazing summer? I sure hope so.

Today has consisted of two of my favorite things: Sushi buffet and scary movies! Well, actually they were psychological thrillers, and both were amazing. I like the type of thrillers that make you think, rather than some guy running around with an axe.

The movies were (in order of preference):

The Butterfly Effect

Donnie Darko

Both movies were from a psychologically-warped perspective, and I enjoyed it. xP Plus, Ashton Kutcher and Jake Gyllenhaal were FINEEEEE. 😉 I prefer The Butterfly Effect over Donnie Darko, though…because the ending was better. And that’s all I’ll say! I’m not gonna spoil it. You guys should watch these movies yourselves – trust me, they’ll tickle your little brains, and have you thinking of something other than peanut butter and oats. 😉
But scary movies wouldn’t be complete without….
An All-you-can-eat Chinese buffet?
Definitely not…at least in my book. 😉


4 Pieces of sushi; salmon, tuna, spicy eel, california roll; oyster, shrimp stir fry, stir fried veggies, broccoli beef, chow mein, squid, teriyaki chicken (hiding). SO GOOD! I swear, Asian buffets are amazingggg. This was followed by an unpictured macaroon and an almond cookie.

After this had settled in my belly, and I was feelin’ the munchies creep back up again, it was dinner time.

Grandma's chicken soup

And for dessert:

Fresh melon.

HAPPY! (yes I have braces, and they shall soon be coming off, hopefully)

Happy cat.

We’re all happy when fed!
And now for QUESTIONS:
What’s your favorite scary movie/thriller?
What’s your favorite Asian meal? (it can range from raw fish to egg rolls)
I’d love to know!
Bye for now

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Whoppers?! And froyo.

Hey foodzies!

How was your weekend?! Mine was preeeeeetty good. I went to the beach, had sushi, hung out with friends, and got sunburnt (the part that sucked)


 (Why so serious?)


And it doesn’t even look that bad here. Believe me, it was like 10 times worse in person. Ice and aloe vera helped tremendously. The moral? WEAR SUNSCREEN. I don’t care if you wanna look like you jumped into a pile of Doritos, like those Jersey Shore People. Because if you’re fair-skinned like me, you will get a 3rd degree burn and end up looking like a tomato. Kay folks!
Moving on!
Today’s breakki consisted of:

Scrambled eggs, tomato slices, toast with buttahhh

 I added about 10 gallons of ketchup as any proper truckdriver would do.
As some of you know, today was 88 cent whopper day at Burger King, because today is 8/8. Weird reason for such a discount? Yeah. But for 88 cents, I’ll take it! 🙂

Extra ketchup, FTW.

 Now, guys. I don’t eat whoppers every day. Sometimes I feel as if I’m offending the extra-vegan-chia seeds-and-tofu-eater-bloggers with my meaty posts lol. I don’t eat like this all the time, but like it or hate it, I am in fact a meat eater.
 This burger was yummy, but not the absolute best. Whoppers aren’t the best burgers out there. My favorite burgers come from Fuddrucker’s, In-n-out and Carl’s Jr (which, except In-n-out, offer veggie burgers! ;)).
After my reasonably priced lunch, I realized we were across the street from Berry Frooti, a somewhat Asian yogurt place similar to Yogurtland or Pinkberry. If only froyo had an 88 cent day. We woulda piled up our froyo cups miles high, and only paid 88 cents. Sigh. One can dream.

Topped with Lychee, apple rings, strawberries, cookie dough pieces, gummy worms.

 I could eat froyo every day. Period.
What are your favorite froyo toppings?
How did you spend your weekend?
I’d love to know!
Bye for now!

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Hey Foodsters!

Sorry I’ve been MIA for so long. The reason I’ve been gone is because I just came back from a trip with my grandparents and sister…

Yep. SEAWORLD, San Diego! Home of the legendary Shamu The Whale! It was honestly one of the most amazing experiences and I encourage everyone to visit Seaworld at some point.

Shamu himself!

My expression the entire time.

Yes, those are water stains on my shirt. Oops! 😛

Honestly, I was a bit bummed when it was time to leave because it was just SO AWESOME! It’s really pretty there, too. Not as pretty as Disneyland, but still pretty. 😉 It feels like you’re in the wild. The animals are incredible.

When I got home, I realized there was barely any food in the fridge. We’d taken most of the food with us to San Diego! And we’d stayed at a hotel that only served breakfast, so we needed some extra almond buttah and jelly sammiches. 🙂

But an empty fridge can only mean one thing: GROCERY HAUL!

All from Costco.

MaraNatha almond butter (more amazing than peanut butter), butter (duh), Oroweat double fiber bread, soy milk, Sabra pine nut hummus, cottage cheese, pink lady apples (obvs more than one), tomatoes. Unpictured: Turkey, salmon, blackened sea bass, sour cream, chocolate & blueberry muffins, eggs, oats, peaches, spinach, Honey Bunches of Oats cereal, apple juice, Coke Zero, fruit snacks. And of course, my grandma got red meat and veal sausages. But those weren’t my choice, promise. 😉

And a trip to Costco obviously means…

Costco pizza!

I got the combo pizza which had green peppers, onions, black olives, tomatoes, pepperoni, and mushrooms. Yeah, sure, it was dripping with grease, but it was pizza. And pizza, my friends, is delicious.

Well, that concludes my trip to Seaworld and grocery haul. 🙂

My questions for you guys:

What’s the most amazing, breathtaking place you’ve been to?

Do you prefer almond butter or peanut butter?

Do you LOVEEEE hummus as much as I do?

Let me know!

Bye for now!


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