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What I Ate Thursday

Hey Foodies! (And creepy old men reading?),

These past couple days have been soo busy…I’ve been running from one doctor’s appointment to another, going grocery shopping, cleaning my rat’s nest of a room, all that jazzz.

And I got a new YMCA membership. Mine had expired, and I had been running outside and doing old school lunges and sit ups. So having high tech workout gear again is grrrreat.

But I’ve also been hanging out a lot with friends!

My buddy, Hannah!

Time to go swimming! (Unbelievably tan)

 I have a million other pics, but I won’t bore anyone.

On to the EATS!

This is pretty much every morsel I put in my mouth on Thursday (besides chewing gum, toothpaste, diet Docta Peppa and water).


It was one of those mornings when you wake up and don’t exactly feel ravenous. And despite what those health magazines tell you about having a HUGE breakfast fit for a king, and eating lettuce and nuts like a bird for the rest of the day, if you’re not hungry, there is no need to stuff your face. And what do kings even eat for breakfast? Braised ham, meat pies and spare ribs with wine and brandy? Yeahhhh, I wasn’t feelin’ that.

Honey nut cheerios with almond milk; crisp, juicy peach


Coconut ice cream bar. Tasted like summer - appropriate.

 Shortly afterwards, I had a chocolate chip brownie Larabar.

Larabars never get old.

 After this, I went to the library and picked up a few books: Jurassic Park (been wanting to read it for the longest time), and Sugar Skull – a mystery novel with lots of good reviews. This should be interesting. After the library, I went to Coco’s bakery and had..


Bistro salmon with teriyaki glaze, salad with Asian dressing.

It was pretty tasty, considering some of the bland encounters I’ve had at Coco’s.

After that, I came home, chilled for a bit. Then it was time for another snack.

Green grapes and and a piece of Tillamook sharp cheddar cheese.Dinner:Frozen Archer Farms mediterranean pizza. DELISH.

Slice of pizza with eggplant, tomato, red pepper and onion stir fry with garlic. Pretty kickass dinner.

 And of course, a kick ass dinner wouldn’t be complete without dessert. 😉

I kept it small, but legit. 🙂

Hershey's nuggets; 1 milk chocolate, 1 milk chocolate with toffee and almonds, 1 extra dark with almonds.

 I freakin’ approved of this.

Alright, so this concludes my day of eats. Catch you all later!



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Hey everyone!

How’s your week going so far? Mine’s been filled with TONS & TONS of swimming. There’s something about summer that makes you just wanna jump into a nice pool and find some refreshing relief from the scorching hot sun. Maybe it’s just us Californians, with our 100 degree summers and 80 degree winters. GAH! I’m tellin you…sometimes I feel like the world is a kitchen, and california is the hot oiled pan sitting on the stove. And Alaska would probably be the freezer, or something. Weird analogy, but that’s how I feel. hah!

Anways, I woke up this morning, and walked into the kitchen to find this delightful sight:

Um, that's not a bed.

 You have officially been introduced to my cat. Yep. We bought her a bed from Petco…and there are much more comfy spots in the house. I don’t know why she chose this particular spot. LOL!

And now, for soup! I’m gonna share a reallyyyy yummy Russian soup with yall called Borcht. AND it’s vegetarian/vegan, which for most foodie bloggers is a plus! It’s basically a beet soup with potatoes, beets, onions, cabbage and beans. It is SOOO delicious! My mom’s side of the family is Russian and they make really good Russian food. Thought I’d share! 🙂


2 tablespoons olive or corn oil

1 medium onion, chopped

4 cups vegetable broth

2 medium beets, finely chopped

1 medium potato, peeled, cubed

1 can (15 oz) kidney beans or white beans, drained (i prefer kidney)

1/4 cup tomato juice or paste

1 teaspoon dried rosemary

1 bay leaf

3 tablespoons chopped fresh dill or parsley (I prefer dill)

2 to 4 tablespoon lemon juice, to taste

sea salt, to taste


1) Heat oil in a large pot over medium. Add onion and cook until softened and slightly golden, stirring occasionally, about 5 minutes.

2) Add broth, beets, potato, tomato juice/paste, bay leaf, and rosemary, bring to boil over high heat. Reduce to a simmer and cook covered,  until vegetables are very soft, about 30 mins.

3). Add dill or parsley,; season to taste with lemon juice and seasonings

4). (optional) add sour cream. It tastes AMAZING with sour cream and a baguette.

5). (most importantly) ENJOY! 🙂

I had this soup for lunch today, and I suggest you make it right away! 😉

Afternoon pick-me-up: 

White chocolate macadamia nut Clif bar

So good! I love Clif bar’s chewiness. Bad camera quality. 😦

Well that’s it!

Bye for now!

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Hey Everyone!

Yesterday was bittersweet. The bitter? Beloved British rockstar, Amy Winehouse has passed away, as many of you have heard. She had a very soulful voice, and was very beautiful and talented. She will certainly be missed. 😦

But bittersweet does mean that a little sweetness comes with the bitter, hence the name. Yesterday was fun because I went to a waterpark and had a really FUN time! I went with my grandma, mama, and little 8yo sis. The waterpark is part of Six Flags in CA, and it’s called Hurricane Harbor.

It’s so much fun there! I went on the lazy river (basically a river with chlorine instead of fish), a wave pool (with decent waves!) and several water slides. Some were scarier and crazier than others. I did chicken out on going on the Venom Drop, a 75 foot vertical plunge – the craziest waterslide in the entire park. The name doesn’t sound too inviting either. Eeeeesh. Maybe next time I’ll have the guts to ride it. 😉 

And now for…FOOD!

I actually didn’t bring my camera to the waterpark for fear of getting it wet. However, I did bring my iPod which probably wasn’t the best idea because I got my earphones wet and ruined them. 😦

Soooo verbal account!

Breakfast: OATS! (surprise in blog world? i don’t think so. ;)) 1/2 cup oats, spoonful of almond butter, spoonful of boysenberry jelly, handful of Captain Crunch! 😀 Gotta have the right toppingz.

Snack: Nature Valley trail mix bar. Quick boost of energy needed for splashing around at a waterpark.

Lunch: SHOULDA PACKED IT. But we didn’t, so we ended up spending a lot of money we could’ve saved. I had a slice of pepperoni pizza and a side salad with Italian dressing, plus a diet coke. Pretty yummy, but it coulda been cheaper at a normal fast food place.

Snack/dessert: My mom and I split a strawberry funnel cake with plenty of powdered sugar…so good! It’s like a giant crispy donut. Repeat after me: One can have fried food once in a while and totally enjoy it.

Dinner at home (Recycled pic) : Beef cutlets with buckwheat,  with a side of salad with Italian dressing.

Dessert: being content and happy for having such a great day! 😀

Alright, I’m gonna hit the hay. Catch up with y’all later.


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Ever walked by the cashier register and had flashy, bright fonts catch your attention? “TIPS AND TRICKS TO LOSING TEN POUNDS!” Or, “LOSE THE BELLY FLAB IN NO TIME!”

And sure, we’ve all picked these up and read about these so called “tips to lose weight”.  Some of us even followed  this advice. And you know what? That’s fine! If you are slightly overweight and wanna trim down a bit, a little help doesn’t hurt. But what really caught my eye is that some of the material in these magazines actually seems to encourage disordered eating. Now, now. It doesn’t say something like “Stop eating and become anorexic!” but it does hold some questionable content.  Anorexia is a very serious mental issue, and anorexics will ALWAYS take food related information and carry it out in a distorted way. For example, a “harmless” tip such as “Instead of pasta, cook with squash” can leave someone with an eating disorder thinking “oh no, I can’t eat pasta – pasta will make me fat. The reason people in this magazine are so thin are because they don’t eat pasta. I’m not going to eat pasta anymore”.  Even if this suggestion shares ways of eating lighter when you’ve had a mostly heavy day, or encourages incorporating more healthy vegetables into your diet, an anorexic won’t see it that way. They’ll simply see it is “pasta will make me fat” – as well as any other food.

And all of the super thin photoshopped images aren’t helping either. Super thin, flawless skin. Okay, NO ONE  looks like that. There’s a difference between computer generated images and reality. Ya know?

My point? Propaganda isn’t helping anyone. Encouraging young women to deprive themselves and stick to “get thin” diets. Yeah, no. That’s not gonna work. I think these magazines should have some entrees on how DANGEROUS eating disorders are, instead of a ploy to get people to convert to “diet world”.

Well, that’s pretty much it. Tell me what you think!


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